WVSS joined the Food Lion Community Awards Program

The Food Lion Community Awards Program is designed so that you can raise money for a cause when you buy listed items. You enroll by linking your MVP Card(s) to the organization of choice and then every time you shop and present your MVP Card, the amount you spend on qualified items is automatically credited to the local school and or charity. To register your card click here.

Military Appreciation Day at NC State Fair – November 4, 2009

Women Veterans Support Services(WVSS), participated in Military Appreciation Day on October 21, 2009 at the North Carolina State Fair. Our booth was available to the many service members, their families and the general public to become educated about our mission, focusing on the woman veterans with and without children. Visitors received infomation leaflets about our organization as well as pick up useful items by support contributors including booklets for health and wellness, child idenity request kits, coupons for gas and convenience store items, nail files, domestic violence contact info and much more. WVSS sincerely thanks everyone for visiting our booth and learning about the needs of female veterans. WVSS is also a member of Wake CART a newly formed collaborative of all groups interested in helping military families. We were featured live from the fair on News Channel 11 with Chris (weather forecaster), showing we are in support of all our troops, the military community and especially the woman warrior and her plight.


WVSS Supports Yellow Ribbon Event – May 11, 2010

May 14-16 the Yellow Ribbon Program will be held in Greensboro, NC where approximately 4,000 troops will return home looking to reconnect with their families and support systems within North Carolina. Women Veteran Support Services will be present to greet the service members and bring awareness to the organization’s purpose in advocating for and supporting women veterans and their families should they be in crisis at anytime but especially for Phase Three or post deployment status as a community resource for service women with and without children.