Core Values

Honor – Women veterans sacrificed for all of us and defended our nation.  They deserve to be honored in return by being given the chance to live a productive, fulfilling life during active duty as well as after completing their service.

Dignity – Women veterans should be proud of what they have done, yet so many don’t have a sense of their own self-worth.  When they come to us, we want to help them restore their dignity by helping them take back some control on their lives.

Compassion – Our efforts must be grounded in compassion.  We may not fully understand what the individual is going through, but we will listen actively, comprehend through wisdom, be guiding in love, and empathize with great care.

Our Vision

WVSS will provide a beacon of hope to women veterans in crisis, and that through our services at the Women Veterans Crisis and Support Center (WVCSC) in Durham, together with our education and advocacy efforts, these women and their families will have their dignity restored, and will be empowered to take positive steps to move forward in their lives.

Our Mission

We will address the unique needs and specialized care for women veterans with or without children requiring emergency shelter due to homelessness or domestic violence, providing the following services:

  • To obtain help with immediate needs, such as shelter, food, and clothing,  and transition aid through existing networks and resources
  • To help women veterans receive the benefits to which they and their families are entitled also connect them to community support
  • To navigate the often-complex process of benefits application
  • To ease the stress for women veterans who file claims for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and help them through the process.
  • To establish the only women veteran facilities to accept children in the Triangle area