The Deborah Center (so named after the biblical warrior and prophet of the Israelites) is the project to help alleviate some of the problems that affect our fellow women warriors that are:

The purpose of the project to is help alleviate some of the problems that affect our fellow women warriors that are:

  • Homeless Women Veterans with or with out children,
  • Domestic Violence Survivors in need of immediate shelter,
  • Benefits assistance and information and much more..

The applicant agency is proposing to purchase houses and /or land and to renovate/construct or lease facilities that will provide office spaces, meeting rooms and transitional housing for homeless women veterans with or without children. The applicant will also provide an array of supportive services that will include room and board, security, counseling, assistance with obtaining benefits, job readiness skills and job placement also networking with the local, federal government agencies, HUD alike.

We are currently looking for adequate housing to help our women warriors, we are in need of immediate funding for operations, start up funding for purchasing property in Wake County, to serve women veterans across the state and beyond.

The smallest survivors that are often forgotten would be the children who bore the war along with their mothers, now they find their lives uprooted, disturbed and without understanding as to what have happened to their family. We propose to include minimum childcare, possible family therapy to reestablish stability, trust and a sense of self-worth in a secure environment with unity in the family and spiritual guidance.

There are programs to assist in the county and YWCA, YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs, faith-based organizations, churches and national veteran organizations, i.e., The American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans and others that have excellent programs for the children and youth plus many other opportunities that are available to the military child and Domestic Violence Survivors. The Deborah Center staff believes that a two to three year program is the needed time for some women to stabilize their lives, whereas others may not need that much time and follow-up will occur at 30, 60 and 90-day intervals after each successful completion.

The Women Veterans Support Services, Inc.(WVSS), knows that this project (The Deborah Center) will impact the homeless Women Veteran population by proving a seamless service that will reduce this targeted group and instill in them a sense of pride, self-worth and produce tax paying citizens. No longer will they be a burden on society by being unemployed, forgotten vagabond women veterans and mothers with or without children just on the streets of Anywhere, USA.