A three-cord line is strong and resilient. The three women who founded the Women Veterans Support Service, Inc. with the support of those who share their commitment are fulfilling a mission to help mend the lives of broken women veterans and their families. Each woman has direct experience with our nation’s veterans – as a warrior or a warrior’s spouse in peacetime and wartime. Among them are a licensed therapist, a minister in pastoral counseling, and a woman combat veteran.

WVSS is directed by the following officers all of whom are unpaid volunteers. The organization’s Board of Directors is populated with male and female veterans and their dependent spouses. When it comes to Veterans Affairs, we can honestly say “been there …done that.”

Patricia Alston Harris – Founder, Chief Executive

Reverend Shirley A. King – Chairperson of the Board of Directors

Reverend Barbara Falana – Vice President

Patricia Morgan – Chief Financial Officer, Board Member

Verna A. Jones – Esq: Board Member

Brenda Moore – Ph.D. Special Advisor, Center for Women Veterans

Peter Munos, III – Chief Technology Advisor to the Board of Directors

Chuck Rowan – Information Technology consultant

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